Creative lulls are where the action is.  Months had gone by and I was in a rut.  I had been unproductive for so long, and unsure of what to do, that I simply opened my sketch book one day and started to draw a circle.  A little lopsided was that first one.  I tried another one.  Not great.  Again, another one.  And another one.  And another one.

From there I filled up a part of the page with these circles.  Some rubbing shoulders with their neighbors, others floating off the page.  But what struck me was a cluster in the middle that resembled the silhouette of a dog’s head.  It was flat with no definition but it was there.  Okay, so let’s make that dog’s head on purpose this next round I told myself.  As with the second circle, not great.  But this was the fun part.  The part that we crave when we are in those ruts.  The part where the possibilities are being constructed.  Depth was created.  Movement was attempted.  Circles were being drawn.


Armed with a trove of photographs that I have taken over the years, this series of pen and ink drawings serves as a "visual diary" of sorts. The exact moment that is captured by a photograph is impermanent, being slowly reduced to memories. And while the exact details of those memories are sometimes lost, small details remain ingrained. It is these moments that I am focusing on. Those times when emotions are high and experience is all consuming.