Kahaluu, Hawaii


Kahaluu, Hawaii  January 24, 2014  8:36pm

Taro leaves from Kahaluu for another drawing from the Visual Diary series.  They are all time consuming but this one hurt.  


Copan, Honduras


Copan, Honduras  September 12, 2010  5:46pm

Another drawing from the Visual Diary series.  Both white and black versions will be available as prints.


Palm Life

Palm Life 4.JPG
Palm Life 3.JPG

With each circle drawing taking so long to complete, I often spend time working out future ideas in my sketchbook.  Some are quick sketches, others are given more thought and time but these are where larger drawings can come to life.  After a few weeks in Hawaii, I've been focusing on Palms...to nobodies surprise.  These are a few of those sketches.


Indio - first from a new series

Indio, California_web.jpg
Indio, California_web detail.jpg

Indio, California  January 30, 2010  11:17pm

The first in a new 'visual diary' series.  The image for all of these new drawings will be taken from my personal photo library and will be various combinations of pen (circles) and ink wash.  I like the idea of placing these in time by including the place, date, and time below the image.  Hopefully I'll make some prints of these soon.