These works stem from places that I’ve visited and the photographs that I have taken.  The beauty, the struggle, the restless energies and indomitable landscapes are all present in the ideas that give birth to these works.

Tilcara, a village situated in a parched valley of the andes, is a place where beauty is in the inhospitable land and where culture manages to carve out a life.  Time goes by sedated, which allows customs and traditions to remind the inhabitants how to survive.

El Mollar, another landscape thick with folkloric and cultural references, is an area where the past seems to coalesce with the present.

We all have been in a landscape and turned quickly to try to catch a glimpse of activity occurring behind us, only for that glimpse to reveal nothing.  Larger forces are at play in these regions and no life that inhabits these areas is naive enough to believe otherwise.  Unlike the majority of this world, black and white do not exist here.  Fluid greys rule the days and nights; however, all eventually finds themselves in the path of the dominant thought.

It soothes us tremendously to explain sights, sounds, and places, but we must be ready to accept landscapes where we cannot expect daily comforts…where we can willingly abandon ourselves to the paradoxical forces that construct that topography.

From windbreaks that slice through nature and stop one force from imposing its will on another; to the edge of the forest where a whole new world exists beyond; to culturally charged landscapes that evoke parallel realities where two zeppelins hover above a curious terrain; each of these are, simply put, a visual retelling of a most improbable occurrence in a completely natural environment.

- 2006